‘Funny, fast-paced, I couldn't put it down!’Judy, Custom House

‘Pirates fighting cockneys! What more could you ask for?’Joe, Greenwich

‘If you love Douglas Adams or Robert Rankin, you'll love this!’Bob, Newbury Park

‘The perfect antidote to the Olympics.’Annemarie, Chelmsford


Dot Gumbi was born and educated in Essex before attending Canterbury Christ Church University College where he graduated with a degree in English Language and Literature (Inc. Creative Writing.)

Realising such a qualification was of little worth in the real world, he sold his soul and went to work in advertising. He made a name for himself after suggesting a client selling male hair-replacement should run with the slogan: ‘You’ll thank us for less head.’

To date, he has had work published in several Anthologies appearing in the UK, Slovenia, Spain and Hawaii.

The Pirates of Maryland Point is his first novel.


Q: Is it true you once threatened the Ambassador of Denmark?

No, that’s been taken out of context. I was at a reception at his house and he was on a table giving a speech. I remarked to a guest that the table didn’t look very sturdy, saying ‘If you kicked that, he’d fall flat on his face, and then you’d have a diplomatic incident.’ Problem was I said it as the room fell silent. And people thought I wanted to kill him.

Q: Is it true you had cosmetic surgery in Hollywood?

I had my appendix removed in Hollywood, if that’s what you mean. Twelve hours after the op I discharged myself and went to Vegas - which I don’t think is medically advisable.

Q: Why did you want to write about Cockneys?

Because of my parents. I spent a lot of time in pubs as a kid, playing pool, and I met a lot of characters. Since the smoking ban came in, a lot of those characters have disappeared.

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